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June 2011




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Jun. 12th, 2011

Berum Daily News: Exploring the New World, Changes in Current One

written by Serenity Wotzerbot

In one week officials from Ivona, Vohemar, Erealia, and Kropmork will be meeting at the site of the Hegua Lake explosion to discuss the fallout of the international Denouement Conspiracy as well as their plans for the new territory below the cloud barrier. While most questioned officials have kept mum, here's what Deputy Mayor Saul Robinson of Berum has to say.

"The first order of business will be a truce between Vohemar and Ivona," he said. "We were an inch within all out war with both each other and the BUM before the recent disturbances in the Badlands, and that's not something either of us want a repeat of - especially not until we find out just how deep this conspiracy runs."
Ivona, too, is concerned about the effect Denouement and and their allies had on domestic affairs. President Maurice Wilsborough has recently come under fire for suspected involvement with Denouement's allies, and Parliament has started to push a full blown investigation into Ivona's military. Past accusations into BUM and Joseph Falls have also come under serious scrutiny.

"Ivona has no interest in pursuing past conflict," stated MP Romilda Groves. "Our primary concern at the moment is investigation and reform, to ensure that we don't fall prey to the machinations of another mad group."
While international investigations into Denouement continue, debate over what to do about the world below are just beginning to brew. According to a joint statement by Robinson and Groves, the current plan is not individual exploration teams, but rather an international convoy of government and civilian experts in navigation, diplomacy, and the sciences. However, it's not just Ivona and Vohemar, or even Erealia and Kropmork, who will be involved; rumor has it that ships from Garrettstown and other major Badlands settlements will also be involved in the exploration effort. There have also been rumors of major nations withdrawing their ships from the Badlands, though whether or not this is a step towards Badlands sovereignty has yet to be seen.

Jun. 1st, 2011

Liiive from Smooth Tunes RSNK, it's DJ Victor!

This is DJ Victor, you might know me for my weekly Remarkable News broadcast right here on Smooth Tunes RSNK! Anyway, as I'm sure you're all aware, our fine continent has just survived its worst crisis. Thanks to the combined efforts of many brave souls from all nations, we survived the darkest hour. All across Reial, celebrations are happening, from Erealia to Ivona and everything in between! While we mourn and remember those who sacrificed themselves so that we may press on, we must- hey!

What is it, Lenny? I'm on the air right now! You can't just...



...are you serious!?

This just in, everyone! Breaking news!

People from all countries currently on the edges of the continent are reporting something amazing: the impenetrable layer of clouds that has been below Reial for its entire history has, for the first time ever, parted and there is a clear view of what's been hidden all these centuries! Vast expanses of land and water can be seen below, as far as the eye can see. There is a brand new world beneath us!

I repeat: there is a brand new world beneath us!

Apr. 17th, 2011

Admiral Bradley Involved in Edgeworth Impostor Scandal

Admiral Bradley Involved In Edgeworth Impostor Scandal
A Report by Phoenix Wright, Investigative Reporter
Printed in several newspapers, more in Vohemar than Ivona, as well as posted to a news bulletin on the journal network

Recently, it has come to light that Miles Edgeworth, officer of the Gloriosa, has been replaced by an impostor. Though his name and origins are unknown, the suspect possesses shapeshifting abilities, and has been imitating the Ivonian commander ever since the Amestris stopped in Bydan. Though he is currently safely in the custody of Amestris security officer Michael Garibaldi, there are many unanswered questions, such as where the real Edgeworth went, and why he disappeared.

The answer lies with Grand Admiral King Bradley. Though we are not at liberty to reveal Commander Edgeworth’s location, he has been in contact with those close to him and has informed them that the Grand Admiral attempted to murder him. The evidence points to a collaboration between Bradley and the impostor: a conversation taken from the journal the impostor was using while posing as Commander Edgeworth makes this quite clear. (The full text is transcribed at the end of this article.) King Bradley was not only aware of the substitution, but facilitated it himself by getting the real Edgeworth out of the way.

In fact, there is evidence that strongly suggests that King Bradley is not who he says he is, either. Though he claims to be from Central, a small suburb south of Melior, his name appears on no school records in the area – or any records at all. Neither do any of the residents remember the Bradleys. Up until his enrollment in Bellcius Academy, his history is a complete fabrication. There’s even something strange about his “son.”

[PRINTED ARE TWO PHOTOGRAPHS OF SELIM. HE IS IDENTICAL IN BOTH. The photographs are absent from the network version of this story.]

As you can clearly see in photographs from five years ago, compared with recent ones, he hasn’t aged a day. There is much more going on here than meets the eye. All this evidence combined with King Bradley’s hasty exit after the false Edgeworth was revealed, is cause for suspicion and further investigation. Whether the Ivonian government will take up the case, or if the impostor, Bradley and Selim have enough co-conspirators in influential positions to hush it up, remains to be seen.
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Mar. 31st, 2011

"Sky Serpent Spotted Over Badlands Mountains!"

"Sky Serpent Spotted Over Badlands Mountains!"
an emergency broadcast from Badlands Public Radio by Saxa Yarn

This is Saxa Yarn, reporting in from Claiborne with news on the giant sky-serpent. For those of you just tuning in, a giant snake-head was spotted by rescue teams in the former Hegua River area rising out of the cloud layer. Once it cleared the continent, it shot out over the mountains towards Kropmork. Current reports place the sky-serpent's head between the Rahki River and Garrettstown and still moving northwest.

However, troubling news has come in from Kropmork. Eyewitnesses spotted an equally enormous snake tail emerging from the skies off the northern edge of the Badlands Mountains. The sky-serpent appears to be wrapped around the continent. Wildlife experts are still baffled by its appearance, insisting that a snake this large is impossible. Is this a magical construct, or has it emerged from old legends of sky-serpents hunting ships in deep skies? What is it doing? Will it harm us? Should we harm it first?

The leaders of all countries are debating what to do. An emergency session of Parliament has been called, but there's been no solid word on communications between the mayors of Vohemar. Joseph Falls and the B.U.M. have not issued a statement, either.

[Similar emergency broadcasts are being made over most news-based radio stations across the continent, as well as posts on journals from both news networks and ordinary people who saw the serpent. Anyone perusing them will be able to glean that the creature is a snake fifty feet wide and hundreds of miles long and is currently wrapping itself around the continent.]

Mar. 8th, 2011

"Hegua River Basin: Gone!" "Hundreds of miles of Badlands up in smoke"

Hegua River Basin: Gone!
Hundreds of miles of Badlands up in smoke
a special report by Anna Lee Scott, broadcast over the radio and journal network and transcribed in the Badlands Bulletin

This is Anna Lee Scott of the Badlands Bulletin, reporting to you on this tragic Amicus morning from the blast site. It's still hard to believe that a piece of the continent could disappear overnight, but standing here on the edge of a sheer rock face, staring down into the dizzying emptiness below...it's impossible to deny. The Hegua region used to be a basin of rivers and lakes tucked into the crook of the Badlands mountains. Now, there's nothing but swirling clouds.

The explosion hit at 1:34 a.m. precisely, a fact half of Reial can attest to. Those closest to the Hegua Lake area heard an ear-numbing blast, while those further away heard only a strange, distant roar. However, all of Reial felt the aftereffects of the blast: the worst cloudquake on record. Experts say we are fortunate Reial is still floating; the unstable swaying of the continent for hours after the impact is a harsh reminder of the fact that we do not understand what keeps this continent above the cloud layer. Though we are fortunate that no cities except for the abandoned town of Antrim were caught in the blast itself, cloudquake damage reports are still coming in. Though the cities on the northwestern side of the continent escaped shaken but mostly unscathed, many of the less stable buildings in Colvus and Shashta have collapsed, and even Melior and Berum have their share of damage.

No one has come forward yet to take responsibility for this disaster, though both Ivona and Vohemar have been quick to point fingers at each other. The Badlands Unification Movement and Erealia have yet to release statements, though I can see a representative from Kropmork has already arrived on the scene to express his symp--no, my mistake, he appears to have set up shop.


...Well. It's good to know Kropmork's indomitable spirit of commerce has not been dimmed by this disaster. We can only hope that the other nations of Reial can match Kropmork's zeal and recover from this unprecedented crisis.

Mar. 2nd, 2011

"The Badlands Bulletin: Ivona and Vohemar Gather At Shashta; Future of Badlands Uncertain"

Ivona and Vohemar Gather At Shashta; Future of Badlands Uncertain
written by Carla Kanada

Tensions continue to rise in the Badlands. Monster attacks increased over the last Long Night season, but unlike surges in other areas, they have yet to abate. Both Ivona and Vohemar have expanded their reach through previously unaligned colonies and townships to mixed results. According to both Ivonian and Vohemaro officials, both nations only wish to assist the beleagured denizens of the Badlands through protection and aid in the form of food and supplies. While some people have greeted their benefactors with open arms, others remain skeptical.

However, they're being given a chance by an unlikely source: William Crankshaw, member of the BUM, veteran of the Ishbal conflict, and, according to rumor, Joseph Falls' right hand man.

"These petty conflicts do little to aid our cause," he said. "While we have little interest in joining officially with either side, we will at least hear them out."

Ships from Ivona and Vohemar will be meeting with Crankshaw at Shashta, while officials from Kropmork have agreed to act as a neutral referee in the matter. However, Ivona's choice in representation has caused quite a stir. Admiral King Bradley, captain of the diplomatic vessel The Amestris has a rather bloodthirsty reputation for the leader of such a peace loving ship! He was but one of many Ivonian officers involved in the infamous Ishbal conflict, and while nothing was proven, allegations and rumors of harsh orders and concealed atrocities continue to this day. Those involved with the unification movement in Shashta are torn, with only a few members siding with Crankshaw on this issue.

"You didn't hear it from me," said an anonymous BUM member, "But this whole thing stinks. This is just another Ivonian trick, mark my words, that snake will show his true colors by the end of this week. Bradley, offering peace? Ha! I spit on his so-called peace."

How will the actual talks play out? We cannot say. However, we can guarantee that they'll certainly be interesting.

Update: That's not the only surprise these talks have brought! Erealia has decided to break its months long isolation, and will be sending out the Gloriosa to assist Kropmork as a neutral party! Stay tuned for comments from the Gloriosia and the Erealian royal family on this newfound change of heart.

Jan. 13th, 2011

"Erealian Vessel Returns Home: A Failure in International Relations?"

Erealian Vessel Returns Home
A Failure in International Relations?
written by Hastur Prynne, published in the Bellcius Herald

Just this past week the Erealian diplomatic vessel Gloriosa returned to its native land. While not as well known or as broad in purpose as its sister ship, the Amestris, its goal was similar: to foster international relations between Erealia and the rest of the continent. Though manned mostly by an Erealian and Ivonian crew, its short tour began in Vohemar. It was due to continue its journey throughout this June, but earlier this month the ship announced an abrupt return trip to Erealia. When pressed for an answer, the captain Lord Harold Roquefort claimed that the court requested an audience with the crew.

Currently the fate of Ivonian crewmen and political liaisons aboard the ship is unclear. Commander Miles Edgeworth, former head of security on the Amestris and current quartermaster on the Gloriosa had this to say:

"As both a member of the Ivonian navy and the Gloriosa's crew, I assure you there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Ivona and Erealia have always been strong allies and close friends, and their relationship shall continue for many years to come. While times may be tough, together our nations shall stand strong against any and all threats that may come our way."

He declined further comment other than to say that the Erealian court has treated the ship's foreign members "very kindly". As for the results of the audience between the king and Captain Roquefort, the nation continues to remain tightlipped.

It should be noted that the Gloriosa is only one of several Erealian vessels that have returned to their homelands over the past few weeks. How many more will return is unclear, as is the future fate of relations between Erealia and the rest of Reial.

Jan. 4th, 2011

Various (Badlands Bulletin, Claiborne Clippings, Spoons Gazette)

Badlands Bulletin - Increase in Monster Bounties, AttacksCollapse )

Claiborne Clippings - Ivonian Military Presence Increases in Badlands. Monsters are Cited as the CauseCollapse )

Spoons Gazette - Vampires, Vampires Everywhere!Collapse )

Dec. 16th, 2010

Tragedy in Bydan

Drama Turns Deadly: Murder on the Amestris, an article by Phoenix Wright

Tragedy struck the international diplomatic ship last week when one Clive Peterson, a local stagehand from Bydan, was found dead during the finale of the performance he was hired to assist with. The cause of death: a broken neck courtesy of a political assassin by the name of Jane Barker. Miss Barker, or as she preferred to be known, Sheila de Argentine, committed the crime backstage, disguised as a stagehand herself, and took a hostage during her escape attempt. Fortunately, ship security and several crew members were able to diffuse the situation, and no one else was hurt.

When questioned about her motives, the killer claimed she was hired to send a message to Fyodor Kalinev and Lev Bazarov, two representatives of the Bydan mayor’s office who had come aboard to discuss Bydan and Vohemaro interests with the international ship. Unfortunately, she was tight-lipped about her client and his motives, and further information has yet to be released. The official investigation has been handed over to the Bydan police. We can only hope that the one who ordered this assassination will be caught; no political rivalry should result in the death of a citizen. Governments are in place to serve the people, not sacrifice them for their own interests. In these days of growing international tension, it would do us good to remember that fact.

Dec. 15th, 2010

Various (Vohemar National News, Badland Bulletin, Gilded Gazette

Vohemar National News - Colvus Preps for Long Night AttacksCollapse )

Badlands Bulletin - Increased Monster Appearances in Shashta. Causes UnknownCollapse )

Gilded Gazette - Garrettstown Demihuman Almost Targeted in Vigilante Attacks. Is Completely UnamusedCollapse )

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